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Discover the heartbeat of Umbria at VocMos!

Welcome to Vocabolo Moscatelli, where the charm of Umbria comes alive through curated activities that celebrate the region’s rich culture and green landscapes.

On property

because you just want to stay here

VocMos Negroni “school”

The Vocabolo Moscatelli team invites you to create your own, bottled "VocMos Negroni" to take away with you as a souvenir.

Negroni school at Vocabolo Moscatelli

Private pottery class in the chapel or under the pergola

Private pottery class in the chapel or under the pergola

Our “neighbor” and friend Elena and her studio Endiadi, created customized ceramic pieces for us which you can find throughout the hotel. We offer private pottery classes in our church hosted by Elena. After the workshop, Elena will glaze and fire the pieces to make them last and mail them to your home. Create your very own, lasting, memory.

Yoga, pick your favorite spot

Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating yoga experience with a professional instructor. Enhance your wellbeing and find inner peace through tailored yoga sessions. Discover a sense of balance and harmony in a serene setting, where personalized instruction meets tranquility. You will find the yoga mats in your room or suite.

Qi Qong with our Director of blooming Alice, pick your favorite spot

From the ancient Chinese knowledge, a practice that improves health and self-awareness. Soft and easy exercises to relax and destress the body and mind. A gentle and slow movement in order to make the QI, the Life force, better flow in the meridians, the energetic channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In the chapel

Shiatsu & Tuina massages

Pamper yourself in our private chapel with invigorating massages by an expert therapist specializing in Tuina (Chinese massage) and Shiatsu. These 50-55 minutes treatments offer pure relaxation and rejuvenation, leaving you refreshed and restored.

Private dinner

Our private chapel dinners are not just meals, they’re unforgettable memories for two.Immerse yourself in love, laughter, and delicious bites.

Connect with our local community

and experience the region

Historical Treasures

Uncover the secrets of Umbria’s past with guided tours to historical landmarks.

Immerse yourself in the stories woven into the stone walls of ancient castles and charming villages.

Our team is delighted to arrange these personalized guided tours for you.

Wine Tastings

Embark on a journey through the vineyards of Umbria and Tuscany. Experience the flavors that define these picturesque regions. Our team will be happy to share our favorite wineries with you and to organizing the wine tastings for you.

Adventure Awaits

For the thrill-seekers: hiking through scenic trails or truffle hunting in the woods, there’s an adventure for everyone.

Forest bathing

Our Director of blooming Alice will take you into the woods for a very special experience.

An easy and intense experience to purify and regenerate ourselves thanks to the trees, their environment and the active principles they issue.

Through the sensorial experience and the power of the environment, we are looking for awareness and peace of mind in the woods' arms

It's a practice to harmonize our inside rhythms with the wise rhythm of the wood and its trees.

What to see

favorite spots from the VOCMOS team


Perugia, the capital of Umbria. A student’s city, full of history, very lively with a diverse selection of bars and restaurants. Plenty of events take place in Perugia, don’t miss Umbria Jazz.


Unesco world heritage site, the town of Saint Francis.


The city of flowers and art has a diverse offering of art and culture, and is known for its narrow, beautiful streets filled with flowers put up by the locals. Once a year, during the "Infiorata di Spello", the town turns into an exhibition of flower art spread on the streets and piazzas.

Panicale & Lake Trasimeno

a charming medieval village offering breathtaking views of Lake Trasimeno and the green lands between Umbria & Tuscany. Its access through a panoramic road through centuries-old olive trees makes the trip an experience in itself. Stop by at our friends from Rastrello Design hotel and enjoy a drink on their terrace.


The charming mountain village is only 20 minutes away from Vocabolo Moscatelli. It can't get more local than that. Enjoy a spritz on the main piazza and just enjoy.


Montefalco is a historic small town, stands on a hill carpeted with olive trees and grapes. It is Umbria’s most famous wine region.


Cortona is a small, charming town in southern Tuscany. Various small shops on the main streets offer local handmade items and you will find cute wine bars at every corner.